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Rhino Kit

Rhinokit is a remedy that should be used after rhinoplasty; it will aid your treatment process and provide personal care and is created with natural plant extracts.

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What is Rhino Kit?

Rhinokit is a remedy that should be used after rhinoplasty; it will aid your treatment process and provide personal care, and it is created with natural plant extracts.

Therapy Cream

Beisya Therapy Cream is a moisturizing and wound treatment cream created for all skin types. In addition to having an anti-inflammatory impact, it accelerates the wound healing process. It has a moisturizing, anti-irritation, and anti-itching effect on your skin. It expedites the wound healing process and restructures your skin.


24 hours after rhinoplasty, after each application of nasal spray, it should be rubbed gently into the nose (and over the stitches on the side of the nose, if any) with a cotton bud. It is essential to avoid leaving an excess coating of cream on the wounds. The application should be performed carefully with the aid of a cotton bud rather than with bare hands. Wounds are treated with a Therapy Cream throughout the healing process.

Super Tonic

Beisya Super Tonic is a product applied around your eyes. 

Prior to the suggested eye cream, Super Tonic is applied soon after rhinoplasty, it aids in removing oedema, bruising, and capillaries from the skin, as well as accelerating and renewing the skin's blood flow.

The tonic is designed to be used for cleansing the cream layer prior to the suggested eye cream's reapplying time. Rinsing is not recommended. There is no harm in keeping it on your skin.

The eradication of bruising and oedema around the eyes and the restructuring of your skin will take a minimum of three months of regular use beginning on the day of surgery. It is a product that can be used perpetually, ideally around the eyes and for facial care.

Comedone Vacuum Face Wash

Beisya Comedone Vacuum Face Wash is a product that is applied to the entire face, excluding the eye area.

After the third day of the rhinoplasty surgery, you can apply the face wash to the areas outside your nasal bandage (except around your eyes).  Comedone Vacuum Face Wash helps regulate the sebum (fatty lubricant matter secreted by sebaceous glands) on your skin while also soothing sensitivity and moisturizing your skin.


After the nasal bandage is removed, in regular use in the morning and evening, the face wash will aid in removing the black spots on your nose and reducing sensitivity caused by bandaging. 

Take a small amount in your hand and lather it on with water. Rinse with plenty of water at once. After removing the nasal bandage, you can use Comedone Vacuum Face Wash daily for three months.

Balance Cream

Beisya Balans Cream is a product used to restore the healthy appearance of nasal skin that has remained closed and not renewed due to the nasal bandages.

After the nasal bandage is removed, you may wash your face in the morning and evening and apply a thin layer of cream to your nose.


Balancing Cream eliminates and inhibits the reoccurrence of black spots on the nose. It evens out your skin tone and gives you a more uniform appearance.

After removing your nasal bandage, you may use Beisya Balancing Cream daily for three months.




50 ml

It has curative properties.

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